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Image Resolutions-


File Types

In order to ensure that all products produced and shipped by us meet the highest quality standards, we require the best quality high-resolution PDFs to be uploaded by you. Please follow the general guidelines described in this section to enable us to deliver the best prints.

Currently we accept PDF file type only. We never edit or change any files that you upload, so there is no degradation. The maximum file size allowed for a single upload is 20MB. Lastly, different products require different resolutions, so make sure you have the right file in hand for the right product.

Print Sizes

If your image size (resolution) is not big enough, you might be restricted from selling your work on some of our products. Jemiz automatically determines which products and upto what sizes your file can be used to create without any quality degradation, so as to ensure that we only ship products that both you and we can be proud of. Here are the minimum resolution thresholds for our products:

  • Posters (12x18 inch): 3600x5400 pixels 

Color Mode

RGB Color Mode is used for printing by us. As a thumb rule, if your file is already RGB keep it that way, if it's in CMYK you can either convert it to RGB or keep it in CMYK. Converting from RGB to CMYK will produce unintended results, so never do this.

Bleed and Cropping

It is not recommended to put text or borders on the outer edges of images so as to leave a small margin for bleed for all products. In general, the actual printed product will often vary slightly from the source image. This is because of the limitations of modern printing practices.

Digital Capture

If your original artwork is not digital, we recommend taking digital photos or scanning your original artwork. Incase of digital photo, a "prosumer" quality camera (6 Megapixels or greater output) mounted on a tripod should suffice.


Pricing Guidelines- 


Artists can quote the price of their artwork from the predefined price range of the respective category.

  • Posters (12x18 inch): Rs199-299


Artist Commission-


On a sucessful sale, artists will get 20% share on the selling price of their product.

Sucessful sale is defined as a sale where no return of the product is recieved within 15 days of the receiving of the product by the comsumer. Amount earned by the artist can be checked in the 'Artist Panel' section.Incase of any query, feel free to contact us at artist@jemiz.com