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About Us

We are Jemiz

Every website has a purpose and we discovered ours while searching for a platform to sell the art to its maximum potential. We are a team of graphic designers who weren’t happy with the websites available to sell art. The websites “Giants” we went to sell our art were stuck in their narrow system and we discovered that they were not letting the artist explore the new horizons of the market. We also tried to reach them with new product ideas and how they can help us monetize the art in a much better way, but the response was not constructive.

Hence, we ended up selling our art on our own. We went places, met people, made contacts & identified the right market where art is sold and admired. In this journey, we ended up finding great ways & platforms to sell art.

Now was our time to pass on the legacy, why should artists like us be deprived of the platforms and tweaks to make better money and support their dreams? Hence, this is how JEMIZ emerged. We joined up with a great Social Media & SEO team to make sure that your art reaches to the farthest relevant platform to generate maximum revenue and traffic.

This platform is structured in such a way that every artist would be able to make the maximum money for their art. We believe in your perceptions & ideas and we are all charged up to give your dreams gigantic wings. All you have to do here is set your imagination and soul free, rest, we are here to take care everything.

Meet the Team

bilal saikh

creative head

Graphic DesignerresearcherGif lover

arpit sharma

founder & ceo


paritosh sharma

think tank

social media strategistidea genratorart lover

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